The first Israeli woman to direct a feature film, Bat-Adam began her directing and screenwriting career with the acclaimed French-Israeli co-production “Moments”, which tells the story of a chance encounter between two women. Her films, such as: “The Thin Line”, “Aya - An Imagined Autobiography”, autobiographical in nature, portray complex family relationships, often referring to her mother’s illness and painting portraits of women who expose their inner selves. Other films such as “Love at Second Sight”, “Life Is Life” “Rita, Working Title”, “Maya”, rely on the interweaving of elements of past and present, exploring the borderlines between sanity and mental illness, reality and imagination, artistic creation and life, creating a uniquely Israeli genre which mixes intimate emotions and passions with historical context. Bat-Adam also wrote and directed three literary adaptations “A Thousand and One Wives” is adapted from a story of Dan Benayahou Seri. All of her films present, in an intensely sensitive manner, complex relationships, unique friendships, loving portrayals of elderly characters and passionate loves of women.