An ironic, bitter-sweet, funny story about our addiction to lust, our longing for true love and the nature of the creative process. A story whose fabric is woven from fact and fantasy, real events and dream sequences unfolding in one seamless continuity.


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Life is Life
A Film by: Michal Bat-Adam
(Israel, 2002, 86 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Yael Abecassis, Moshe Ivgy, Hani Nahmias, Rivka Gur, Rivka Michaeli, Mickey Leon, Noa Port, Moshé Mizrahi, Rita Shukrun)

Macky, is a writer and an university teacher, a family man of about fifty. He’s having an affair with Ayala, about thirty, mother to a ten year-old little girl.

Macky spends his nights and days haunted by his fantasies and pursued by the realities of his life, trying desperately to come out with a few good lines for the novel he’s writing. He holds on to his love for Ayala as a source of inspiration, believing and hoping that his desire for her will help him finish his novel. The novel’s fiction gets entangled with the film’s fiction and the fantasies of Macky and Ayala.

An unexpected twist in the plot brings the two protagonists of the story, alone and together, to discover to their surprise that love is not what they thought it was.