Each license purchase with IsraeliFilms contains the right to a non-theatrical public screening (Public Performance Rights)         within the purchasing organization such as: Film Festivals, Film events, Societies, Community Centers, Congregations,           Temples, Synagogues, Organizations, etc.

The screening right is non-transferable to any organization other than the purchasing one, without prior written approval                  from IsraeliFilms. Number of licensed screenings is to be agreed and confirmed by IsraeliFilms.

Each public screening of IsraeliFilms titles may be conducted in front of a paying or non-paying audience.You may publicize and promote the screening within the purchasing community or organization.

You may not lend, copy, transfer, digitally save or burn IsraeliFilms titles, and have to return the screening format after its usage, unless specifically agreed otherwise. You may not share a preview link other than with the festival programmers or programming committee.

All IsraeliFilms titles are represented legally, under special distribution agreements with the producers/filmmakers or                    rights holders.

For Universities, Colleges and Educational Institutions: A different license will be granted for educational purposes in        Universities and Colleges. Please contact us for a special price list for Library rights/Classroom showings.

Please remember: Lawful legal screening rights may only be licensed through IsraeliFilms. Owning a copy of a film                            (by DVD or any other format), does not give you the right to screen it in public.