Moshe Mizrahi's latest film (Madame Rosa, Academy Award for Best Foreign Film 1977) is inspired by Chekov's "Uncle Vania".


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Weekend in the Galilee

A Film by: Moshe Mizrahi
(Israel, 2007, 93 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Sharon Alexander,Hana Meron, Yigal Sade, Oded Teomi)

Autumn 1996. Avner, a highly-regarded Professor of Arts and his young wife, Ilana, come to visit the family farm run by Rachel and Shouki, (his children from a first marriage) and Menahem (the brother     of his deceased first wife). Avner is in pain and needs a doctor. Rachel calls up Joel a physician and       a friend of the family. Joel and Ilana are having a secret relationship that begun during a previous visit to the farm. Menahem is in love with Ilana and Rachel with Joel. They are unaware of the love affair between Ilana and Joel. The movie, inspired by Chekov’s “Uncle Vanya,” is above all an Israeli story.  


• Syracuse International Film Festival

• New York Jewish Film Festival

• Paris Israeli FF 2018