This earnest Israeli drama from director Ron Ninio co-stars real-life father and daughter Moshe Ivgi and Dana Ivgi, in a tale about an emotionally-scarred family.


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There Were Nights
A Film by: Ron Ninio
(Israel, 2010, 90 Minutes, Color, Hebrew/Russian, English subtitles, Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Dana Ivgy, Jenya Dodina, Maya Cohen, Gadi Yagil)

Tragedy struck years ago, when the father suffered from two devastating blows: he lost his wife amid her battle with cancer, and then served a short prison sentence. Now, he grapples with unassailable loneliness, and turns to his daughter as an emotional anchor - but the daughter is doing her best to escape from this role and stake out life on her own terms, after a childhood spent clinging to her father as a security blanket. This places the two individuals at odds with one another, on an emotional collision course.

Haifa International Film Festival - The Award for the Best Actress
• Shanghai International Film Festival