We follow Gadi from early childhood over a span of twenty years, as he grows into manhood on A Kibbutz in the Valley of Jezraeel. The backdrop is the unique Kibbutz environment and idealistic "atmosphere" of Israel in the 5o's and 60's.


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The Valley Train

A Film by: Jonathan Paz
(Israel, 1990, 87 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English/French/Japanese subtitles, Cast: Dan Turgeman, Ami Ushpitz, Neta Moran, Tomi Yoel, Doron Shoshan)

Gadi grows up in the shadow of Yoav who is ten years older then himself. A hero to all the young boys of the Kibbutz, Yoav "adopts" Gadi who, in turn, tries to live up to the image of his mentor. Over the years, admiration turn into close friendship, until, finally, the "idol" falls.

Gadi stands in his sharp contrast to Yoav. He sees Yoav's shortcomings and rejects the coarse, unsophisticated philosophy of life that Yoav has adopted. Finally, Yoav's Dismantling of the railroad tracks… and therefore his rejections of Gadi's dreams…. brings their differences to a brutal confrontation. The "Six Day War" changes the flow of events and the lives of the heroes forever, brutally shattering a naive dream.

A unique film that meets your most critical standards. Beautiful, sensitive, and nostalgic.