70 years after the Holocaust, an American-born Israeli citizen, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, ‎is tracking down surviving Nazi war criminals in hopes of bringing them to justice.


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The Last Nazi Hunter
A Film by: Nitza Gonen
(Israel, 2013, 62 Minutes, Color, English, Hebrew, Hungarian, German, Serbian, English subtitles)

Seventy years after the Holocaust, this film follows Dr. Efraim Zuroff tracking down and bringing to justice the last surviving Nazi war criminals. Will his work contribute to the Holocaust’s remembrance? Zuroff’s mission takes him all over Europe and even South America as he focuses and locates two main criminals: Shandor Kapiro, a Hungarian officer responsible for the murders of thousands of Jews; and Dutch Waffen SS Klass Faber, who oversaw the killings at the Westerbork Camp. THE LAST NAZI HUNTER is a race against the clock, a detective thriller that deals with the continuing obstacles of war criminal extraditions due to lack of support by countries still with Anti-Semitic remnants, as well as the question Zuroff ultimately has to ask himself: will this justice be worth it in the end?

• Int'l Festival of Detective Films, Moscow 2014
• Krakow Film Festival 2014
• Munich JFF 2015

German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung