The struggle between an Israeli corporation and an Arab entrepreneur for control of the candy market serves as an allegory for Jewish-Arab relations in Israel and its status in the international community.


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A Film by: Joseph Pitchhadze
(Israel, 2013, 132 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, Arabin, English, Russian, French and German, English subtitles. Cast: Makram J Khoury, Shmuel Vilozny, Moni Moshonov, Ezra Kafri, Sarah Adler, Menashe Noy, Michael Sarne)

Salah, an Israeli-Arab enterpriser, strives to bring happiness for the children of the Arab sector in      Israel by opening a new chain of candy stores. 'The Firm', an Israeli corporation headed by Klausner ,  that controls Israeli candy market, resent Salah on his former business move - taking control over the Israeli market of Turkish coffee. Klausner sees the new business initiative of Salah as a real threat, not only a business one but also a cultural and a political one, even a real challenge against Zionism itself.  In a disguise of a Business struggle the story reveals moral dilemmas and a cultural struggle: the Arab businessman trying to integrate in Modern Israel against the dominant Zionist culture. 

• AICE - Australia 2014
• Embassy of Israel in Singapore 2014
• Israeli American Council Miami 2014
• Detroit JFF 2015
• Yerevan IFF, Armenia 2016