Chico and Ben are living with Galia and Efrat in Eilat. Sam, Ben’s step father, buys a land in order to build a large mall that would cause great damage to the families living in the area. Chico fights him all the way.


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Skipper 3
A Film by: Ayelet Menachemi
(Israel, 1991, 82 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Yehuda Barkan, Irit Sheleg, Heli Goldeberg, Ben Tzion and Ilana Berkovitz)

Hard-working tour guide Chico has found a mother for his son, and the three have moved to beautiful Eilat. Their new life is disrupted, however, when his ex-wife's millionaire husband turns up and plans to build a giant mall by the sea. As the situation threatens the livelihood of Chico and others, Chico's ex-wife has an idea..

• Nominated for an Israeli Academy Award - Best Music