An impossible love story between Yossi, a former IDF soldier, and Dora, a mysterious French photographer visiting Israel, as they both struggle in vain to leave their pasts behind


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Paradise Cruise
A Film by: Matan Guggenheim
(Israel, 2014, 100 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English, French, English subtitles, Cast: Vahina Giocante, Oz Zehavi, Eli Altonyo, Gil Dasiano, Jony Arbid, Oded Leopold, Dalim Daw, Kais Nashif)

Dora, a French tourist, returns to Israel to work on her art project spending most of her time photographing commemoration ceremonies and military funerals. She meets Yossi, a rebellious   young man just out of military service. They fall in love although they have an unwritten agreement never to mention their lives before they met. However, the past haunts them and tests their love.

• Mannheim Heidelberg Film Festival
• Aubagne International Film Festival - Best Actor Award
• Rome Independent Film Festival
• CineramaBC Film Festival Brazil - Best Actor Award, Best Screenplay Award
• Paris Israel Film Festival - Audience Award
• Uruguay International Film Festival
• Brooklyn International Film Festival
• Denver JFF 2015
• NIFF 2015
• Detroit JFF 2015
• Nice JFF 2015
• Dallas JFF 2015
• Austin JFF 2015