Yaniv decides to make a movie to get over his ex-girlfriend and meets a seductive yoga instructor.


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Nymphs in the Mist

A Film by: Yoram Sachs
(Israel, 2007, 81 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles)

After his girl friend Liat leaves him, Yaniv is depressed to a point that he never leaves his home. His friend Yuda, tries to wean him out of his behavior and suggests that he make a film hoping he will meet people and get out of his depression. Yaniv meets Gali, a yoga teacher, who diverts his obsession. Yaniv decides to make a film about his affair with Liat casting Gali as his ex girlfriend. But how will the film plot end?


• Cinema South Film Festival
• Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival
• Vancouver Jewish Film Festival
• Brattleboro Jewish Film Festival
• Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
• Israeli Films in Eesti Vabariik
• Iseali Films in Bengaluru