Simico smallest is a fantasist about 30, nice neighborhood, a working Jackie's hummus. Simico engaged to a girl named Mazi who dreams about a big wedding with all the attractions, but his greatest fantasy is to create a blockbuster movie about strippers, after having successfully completed a photography course local community center. He gets all the guys from the neighborhood to realize his dream and drift dizzying adventure .


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Little Simico's Big Fantasy
A Film by Arik Lubetzky
(Israel, 2011, 91 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Zion Baruch, Netta Garti, Shlomi Koriat, Uri Gabriel, Sylwia Drori)

Simico is a thirty year old, friendly romantic, beloved by all. He makes a living working at Jackie's Hummus Place and is engaged to Mazzi who dreams of a big, white wedding with all the trimmings. Then Simico completes a photography class at the local community center and becomes obsessed with the idea of making a film on the fascinating subject of strippers. Simico recruits the entire neighborhood to help make this fantasy come true and finds himself carried away on the adventure of a lifetime.


• 27th Haifa International Film Festival

•  The Israeli Oscar awards (Ophir) 2011 - nominated for 6 Awards among them Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Music and Best Screenplay

•  Sephardi JFF, NYC
• Israel Film Festival - Miami
•  The Avalon - Washington, DC