After years at sea, Aaron returns to the port of Ashdod in the hopes of winning back his family, but he soon realizes that life on land is more complicated than he thought.


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Home Port
A Film by: Erez Tadmor
(Israel, 2016, 96 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, Arabic, English subtitles, Cast: Yoram hattab
Shmil ben ari, Ana Dubrovisky, Liron ben shlush, Dalia begger, Sharon Alexander, Eyal rozales).

After 30 years at sea Aharon Avital ‘lands’ in time for the birth of his first grandchild and is looking forward to living a normal life at last. He is appointed Head of the Marine Department at the Ashdod Port. Almost immediately he clashes with the “Big Man” at the port, Azulay. On one hand, Azulay is a corrupt bully, but on the other he is warm-hearted and open to the troubles of the port workers, who admire him.

The clash disrupts the status quo that has reigned at the port for years. Aharon is willing to go all the way with this dispute, even if he is forced to “get his hands dirty”. simultaneously, he falls in love with Yelena, an attractive single mom who works as a customs official. Yelena too, like many others at the port and in the city, is implicated in Azulay’s tangled web.

Aharon will eventually have to make a cruel choice only to discover that a much larger force – privatization – has reshuffled the cards.

•  3 Israeli Academy Awards Nominee 2016
•  Best Cinematography Haifa International FF 2016

• SERET London 2017
• AICE JFF, Australia 2017
• Manhattan JCC, 2017
• San Francisco JFF, 2017
• Chicago Festival for Israeli Cinema, 2017