One dramatic evening mixes the fates of three young women who live in the same apartment building in a big city.


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A Film by: Itshak Grad
(Israel, 2001, 115 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Meital Dohan, Liat Glick, Tinkerbel, Micha Selektar, Gal Zeid)

Efrat, Dafna, and Avigail are singles in their twenties, living in the same apartment building in Tel-Aviv. One day, Avigail is picked up by the driver who intended to drive Dafna to a film set, Dafna is picked up by Efrat’s blind date, and Efrat, feeling deserted, starts roaming the streets. Efrat gets involved in a mysterious and violent incident that ends up with the death of a cab driver. Efrat’s disappearance makes her the only suspect in the driver’s murder. 

• Jerusalem International Film Festival - Best Script Award
• 14 Nominations - All categories, to the Israeli 'OSCAR'
• BEST FEATURE FILM in The Scottsdale International Film Festival, 2003
• Israel Film Festival, across U.S.A
• New Delhi International Film Festival
• Columbia Jewish Congregation
• Chicago Israeli Consulate


“A fun and intelligent suspense comedy. A unique work of art. A dark dimension”. (Haarez newspaper, Israel)

“Fun to watch, great actors, a marvelous movie!” (GLZ Radio, Israel)

"One of the smartest, most purely enjoyable Israeli pics in years, "Giraffes" has fun with the self-referencing, meta-cinema concept but never makes too big a deal out of it. By turns sexy, farcical and mysterious, pic boasts a polished look and a very appealing cast in a tale that can travel more easily than most Middle Eastern fare." (Variety, ken Eisner – 25/6/03)

Available for the USA and Canada only