What begins as a documentation of a handicapped Palestinian boy and his mother’s efforts to build him a normal life shifts to a film about the filmmaker’s family, which is dealing with a different but not less complex story.


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A Story about a Different Child

A Film by: Micha Livne
(Israel, 2012, 50 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, with English subtitles)

The film begins with the story of a young man who is handicapped and of his mother's struggle with frustrating social consequences.  Living in a remote Bedouin village, she is determined to build a house for her son and to find him a bride.

However, while the courageous mom works toward her goal, the film takes an unexpected turn.  The focus changes to the filmmaker himself, his own family and his daughter -- an intellectually disabled woman in her 20's.

This is an intimate film about life's personal dramas: family, parenthood,  partnership,  responsibility and the pursuit of happiness. 


"A rare piece of art, exceptional and human in a way which takes your breath away." - Uri Barabash, Yediot Ahronot

"The first film I've seen in years which managed to tell me something new, to move me and to stimulate those subliminal thoughts which we try so hard to suppress. In two words: Must see!" - Ran Yispe, Kol Israel radio

"This is a most precise and moving film, extremely restrained and intelligent." - Ran Tal, Film director

• Zagreb JFF 2014

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