This is the story of a highly decorated retired general, who, in a moment of arrogance in his youth, sold his place in heaven to an army cook for a plate of a spicy omelet.


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A Place in Heaven
A Film by: Yossi Madmony
(Israel, 2013, 117 Minutes, Color, Hebrew. English subtitles, Cast: Alon moni Aboutboul, Tom Graziani, Rotem Zisman-Cohen, Yossi Pollak, Keren Berger, Sophia Ostritsky, Michael Aloni, Sasha Avshalom Agarounov,Gabi Amrani)

A young officer, in the early days of the State of Israel, returns from a successful operation. He is very hungry. The assistant army cook offers him a ridiculous deal. The cook will make the officer’s favorite spicy omelet in exchange for the officer’s place in heaven.

Forty years later, the officer is now a retired general, lonely and bitter, lying on his death bed. His son, who has become newly religious, decides to search for the assistant cook who, forty years earlier, bought his father’s place in heaven and to convince the cook to cancel the contract. If he succeeds he will save his father from hell and perhaps find serenity for himself.

• Toronto International Film Festival
• Palm Springs International Film Festival
• Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
• Miami International Film Festival
• SIFF 2014
• Ottawa JCC 2014
• Silicon Valley JFF 2014
• Gold Coast Int'l Film Festival 2014
• Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 2014
• San Francisco JFF 2014
• Columbus JFF 2014
• Washington JFF 2014
• Twin Cities JFF 2014
• Toronto JFF 2014
• Los Angeles Israel Film Festival 2014
• Embassy of Israel in Zagreb 2014
• Miami JFF 2015
• Palm Beach JFF 2015
• Montreal JFF 2015
• Levis JCC, Boca Raton, FL 2015
• Broward County Jewish Film Festival 2015
• Atlanta JFF 2015
• Houston JFF 2015
• Beth Jacob Synagogue, Ontario, Canada 2015
• Westchester JFF 2015
• Berlin JFF 2015
• Dallas JFF 2015
• Caracas JFF 2015
• Portland JFF 2015