Traditional ways of life clash with the reality of the 21st century in this beautifully filmed and poignant view of the changes which turn the kibbutz into a completely different community.


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A Beautiful Valley 

A Film by: Hadar Friedlich
(Israel, 2011, 84 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Batia Bar, Yael-Gili Ben Ouzilio, Hadar Avigad, Miriam-Ruth Geller, Shimon-Eli Ben- Rey)

Hannah Mendelssohn (Batia Bar) has devoted her whole life to the development of the kibbutz in which she still lives and works but when the time comes for her retirement she is unwilling to let go and fights to retain her place in the workforce. She is soon at odds with the kibbutz’s new management, which includes her own daughter. Just when Hannah thinks her life’s work has been for nothing she realizes that there are friendships that still exist and she is not alone. A still camera and handsome long shots emphasis the tranquility of the setting and the land.


Jerusalem International Film Festival 2010 - Best Full-Length Debut Film Award

• Shalom Europa

• Montpelier International Festival of Film (Cinemed)

• San Sebastian International Film Festival 

• Hamptons Int'l FF


• Kaleidoscopio + Milano+ Rome, Italy