2048 is a monologue drama featuring some of Israel's best actors. It mixes documentary and fiction, Jewish history and current events as it tackles subjects which are on the agenda of the Israeli society in an intriguing manner.


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A Film by: Yaron Kaftori

(Israel, 2010, 50 Minutes, Color, Hebrew. Cast: Gila Almagor, Shlomo Bar-Shavit, Dorit Bar-Or, Oded Kotler, Yon Tomarkin, Ilan Rosenfeld, Lutuf Nouasser)

2048 - A young  cinematographer discovers that his grandfather, who was a documentary film maker, made a film about Israel's 60th Independence Day. However Israel no longer exists and its former citizens are scattered all over the globe, living as modern day refugees.

After watching his grandfather's tapes and in an effort to understand what went wrong, the young      man travels the world interviewing former Israelis who, each from his own perspective, tells the        story of what happened during the last 40 years.


• Jerusalem International Film Festival

• Jewish Life at Duke

• JCC Staten Island

• Brattleboro JFF, VT

• The Robinson Film Center