In this sweet drama of a love/hate relationship, Franny and Nico learn to love and hate one another – usually at the same time…


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10% My Child

A Film by: Uri Bar-On

(Israel, 2014, 85 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Udi Persi, Yali Friedman,                 Vered Feldman, Gur Bentwich) 

When eight year old Franny discovers the 26 year old Nico in her mother’s bed, they get off to a bad start.  While Nico tries to woo Franny’s mom, Franny gets stuck between her mother, her jealous    father and Nico   who has now been appointed official babysitter. Will Nico be able to win Franny's mom’s heart and Franny’s affection? How will Franny and Nico find a common ground in the heart       of bustling Tel-Aviv?

•  Winner of Best Independent Film at the Israeli Academy Awards 2015
• Nominated for Best Feature Film, Israeli Academy Awards 2015
• Jerusalem International Film Festival 2014
• Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival 2015 - International Premiere
• Palm Beach Int'l Film Festival 2015
• Pittsburgh JFF 2015
• Gold Coast Int' FF 2015
• Sao Paulo IFF 2015
• The Israeli FF in LA 2015
• Australia JIFF 2015
• Hartford, CT JFF 2015
• Israeli Embassy Belarus 2015
• Israeli Embassy Washington 2016
• Miami JFF 2016
• Detroit JFF 2016
• JW3 Cinema 2016
• Tirana JFF 2016
• Moscow JFF 2016
• St. Petersburg JFF 2016
• Novosibirsk JFF 2016