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There Were Nights

A Film by: Ron Ninio
(Israel, 2010, 90 Minutes, Color, Hebrew/Russian, English subtitles, Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Dana Ivgy, Jenya Dodina, Maya Cohen, Gadi Yagil)

Goni's world came tumbling down when she was 7 years old. Today, at 25, she is trying to put it together again, not always successfully.

Goni grew up as an only child, spoiled and loved, in a family of artists. Her father was a successful theater actor, her mother worked at a radio station. The family lived a life of glamour and back stage frenzy. Goni was blinded by the limelight, intoxicated by the scent of the makeup and charmed by the charisma and intensity of her successful father.

One day, it all fell apart. The shadow of a criminal investigation, the treacherous nature of friends and colleagues and the mother's fatal illness, finally overcame the father and threatened to crush Goni as well.

Meeting her today, as a beautiful, young and strong woman, we learn that the past experiences did not break her. Fighting back at the establishment that ruined her father, Goni supports his spirit and body and works to restore his lost pride. This is a story of a daughter's love for her father and her desire to get away from him and live her own life.

The plot of "There Were Nights" unfolds within the two periods presenting a tapestry tale of loss, defeat and victory, pain and grace.

There Were Nights featuring the first cooperation between Israel's acclaimed actor Moshe Ivgy, and his no less impressive daughter Dana Ivgy.


• Haifa International Film Festival - The Award for the Best Actress 
• Shanghai International Film Festival
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