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Slower than a Hearbeat

A Film by: Yanai Goz & Yoni Zicholtz 
(Israel, 2012, 90 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Guy Loel, Roni Hadar, Pini Tavger, Shalom Shmuelov)

Lily is looking for a hero for her new novel. When she finds Nino, a romantic street artist by day and a peeping tom by night, she decides to seduce him and turn him into the subject of her book - without him knowing it. She meets Nino's close friend Freddy, an ultra orthodox Jew and a gay drag artist, who is Nino's muse in the same way that Nino is Lily's. Lily sees Freddy as a threat to her manipulation of Nino and realizes she must make Nino give him up. However, the tables begin to turn on Lily when Nino uncovers her true motives, and when she finds herself falling for Nino, this time for real.


"Touching and melancholic, reminding of the imagistic world from earlier films by Leos Carax (The Lovers on the Bridge) and Jean-Jacques Beineix (Betty Blue)" - Shmulik Duvdevani, Ynet
"Poetic, intelligent, well-acted and beautifully shot in downtown Tel Aviv" - Rita Koren, Kol Israel Radio2

"A film of sensual ambiance" - Yair Raveh, Cinemascope.co.il

"Rich and well rounded characters, different than the ones we usually get in Israeli cinema" -Savyon Einstein, Seret.co.il

"One of this year's best and most prominent Israeli films" - Orr Sigoli, Srita.net

"Delicate, lyrical and surprising. An exceptional film in both quality and style" - Alyce Blitenthal, News1.co.il

"Beautiful and emotional, touching and smart. Tears filled my eyes" - Eithan Weitz, eithan.co.il


• AICE - Australia 2013
 Zagreb Israeli Film Festival 2013
 Austin JFF 2014
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