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The Dove Flyer

A Film by: Yuval Granot
(Israel, 2007, 87 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Haim Znatty, Hagar Ben Asher,  Adi Even Tov,  Dori Ben Ze’ev, Sharon Hacohen )

Johnny Cohen, a director of b movies, meets Mia, a satelliteTV saleswoman.  Mia is a young, intriguing and charming kleptomaniac with a strong resemblance to Julia Roberts.She travels around Johnny's neighborhood connecting as many families as possible to the satellite. Johnny sees her and almost immediately neglects the film he is in the middle of shooting to make, with Mia, the Israeli version of "Pretty Woman" (now that he hs Julia Roberts or, at least, her double.

When his first child is born, Johnny is already in love with his fantasy.  At first Mia refuses to see Johnny as the next Steven Spielberg and doesn’t cooperate with what she sees as his silly fantasy. As the affair evolves, Johnny discovers that life is not easy with a girl like Mia. He is surprised to see her relationship with her funny widower father and especially with his girlfriends whom Mia really doesn't like.  

Johnny  won’t give up on his fantasy but his wife also refuses to give up on her son’s father and her reality. 


• Haifa Film Festival 2007 - The Best Film Award
 Washington DC Jewish Film Series
 Rome Israeli Film Festival
 Australia-Israel Film Festival

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