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Intimate Grammar

A Film by: Nir Bergman 
(Israel, 2010, 110  Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Orly Zilbershatz, Yehuda Almagor, Roee Elsberg, Rivka Gur, Yael Sgerski, Evelyn Kaplun, Limor Goldstein, Eden Luttenberg, Rony Tal, Ruslan Levchuk)

Winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the Jerusalem International Film Festival 2010 and the Sakura Grand Prix at the Tokyo International Film Festival, "Intimate Grammar" is a sensitive study of an inner journey rich in detailed observation.
A dysfunctional family and delayed puberty make life miserable for a pre-adolescent growing up in Jerusalem in the 1960's. The film, an adaptation of David Grossman''s "The Book of Intimate Grammar", shows our hero, Aharon Kleinfeld, striving to survive his domineering mother, his anti-intellectual father and his own diminutive stature in a setting of a lower-middle-class housing development where gossip is rampant and appearances are all important.

Three years in the life of Aharon in which his soul matures but his body refuses to grow. Perhaps, one of his glands is dormant, or perhaps he is afraid of growing up and becoming like his parents. Or maybe, he is just a late bloomer, in need of a little more time. But nobody has the time to wait. Betrayed by his family, by his best friend and his beloved, lonely in his small body, but aware of his maturing soul, he realizes something must be done.


 "Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. Perhaps the best adaptation ever made in Israel" - Yair Raveh, Cinemascope

"Rarely does one come across a film that offers something eternal upon its first viewing. A masterpiece." - Oron Shamir, Achbar Ha'ir


• Jerusalem International Film Festival 2010 - Winner of the Best Feature Film Award
 Tokyo International Film Festival - Winner of the Sakura Grand Prix
 Asia Pacific Screen Awards - Nominated Best Screenplay 
 Berlin International Film Festival 2011 
 Sofia International Film Festival 2011
 Miami International Film Festival 2011       
 Israeli Film Festival, Paris, France 2011
 Filmisreal - ´╗┐Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2011
 Stockholm Jewish Film Festival, Sweden 2011 
 Toronto International Film Festival 2011 
 Winnipeg International Jewish Film Festival 2011
 Montreal Israeli Film Festival 2011       
 São Paulo Jewish Film Festival 2011
 Vancouver Jewish Film Festival 2011
 Denver Festival - New Israeli Series
 JCC of Houston
 Cleveland Jewish FilmFest
 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
 Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival
 Washington Jewish Film Festival
 Calgary Jewish Film Festival
 Chicago Jewish Film Festival
 Boston Jewish Film Festival
 Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival
 Israeli Film Festival Philadelphia
 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
 Austin Jewish Film Festival
 East Bay Jewish Film Festival
 Wesleyan University, CT
 Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival
 Westchester NY JFF - Jacob Burns Film Center
 Avalon Theater DC
 Detroit JFF
 Israel Film Festival - Los Angeles
 Israel Film Festival - Miami
 Pitligiani Kolno'a Festival in Rome
 New Dehli Israeli FF 2013
 Days of Jerusalem, Prague
 Adat Shalom, Maryland


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