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A Film by: Avraham Kushnir
(Israel, 2008, 90 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Hadar Galron, Baruch Brener, Israel (Sasha) Damidov, Alon Aboutboul, Emanuel Halpirin)

Bruriah and her husband Rabbi Meir lived in the second century C.E., at which time the Rabbis declared that "women are light-minded."

Bruriah, a most learned and intelligent woman, mocked their statement. In order to prove their justification, Rabbi Meir sent one of his students to seduce her. Bruriah was seduced and when she discovered that it had been planned by her husband, she committed suicide.

This story infiltrates and creates turmoil in the life of a religious, Jerusalem family in 2008. The heroine of the film, who also bears the name Bruriah, struggles with a childhood trauma: a life of excommunication which was forced on her following the publication of her father's book on the same subject.

Bruriah goes in search of the one copy of the book which may have survived. Her husband opposes her quest. Bruriah's desire to find that copy represents a threat to the way of life that he has created for his family. But Bruriah is unwilling to give up.

The search for the book becomes a crusade during which she faces the compromises she has made in her life, her desires, and her limitations. Her husband Yaacov, faced with no alternative, decides to prove to his wife that really "women are light-minded."

"Avraham Kushnir directed a clever, thought-provoking film, with modest cinematography, trusting the audience's intelligence...Bruriah is a worthy cinematic achievement that is a credit to its creators..."  - Yehuda Stav, Yediot Aharonot
"... A fascinating film that gets more and more intriguing as it goes along... Hadar Galron presents an enchanting character and captures the whole screen.. (she) manages to lay out the full scan of feminine and human needs..." - Gidi Orsher, Galei Zahal radio station


• Jerusalem International Film Festival
 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema
 Montreal Jewish Library
 Toronto Jewish Film Festival
 Australia Israel Cultural Exchange
 Purchase College SUNY
 Hartford Jewish Film Festival
 Denver Jewish Film Festival
 San Diego Jewish Film Festival
 Buffalo Jewish Film Festival
 Israeli Film Festival, Miami
 Austin Jewish Film Festival
 Temple Emanu-El, Dallas
 Michigan State University

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