An enchanting comedy about a Jewish professor and an Arab sanitation worker who discover a utterly surprising similarity in their uncommon interests. THE FLYING CAMEL is a celebration of the differences that signify each person as an individual and the bonds that can be made when we except each other.


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The Flying Camel
A Film by: Rami Na`aman
(Israel, 1994, 95 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Mosko Alkalai, Gabi Amrani, Gilat Ankori, Laurence Bouvard)

Bauman, an eccentric Jewish professor, lives alone in a junkyard shack. He spends his time collecting and preserving architectural artifact. Phares, an Arab garbage collector, bursts into Bauman`s secluded life, determined to replant his father`s orange grove which once flourished on the site of the shack.
Gina, a young Italian nun, also enters Bauman`s life. The three set off on an amusing adventure,   working out their differences while forging an unusual but lasting friendship.

• Winner Jury Citation - Jerusalem Film Festival
• London Film Festival
• India International Film Festival
• Philadelphia International Film Festival
• Washington International Film Festival
• Shanghai International Film Festival