Serving as a soldier in a unit of handicapped soldiers is not what Amir had dreamed of. The upcoming visit of an important guest to their base puts his sense of loyalty - and sense of self to the test.


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The Dregs
Written and Directed by: Yuval Nitzan
Fiction, 15 min, 2020, Color
Production: The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School - Jerusalem (JSFS)
Language: Hebrew
Cast: Roy Saar, Daniel Demidov-Halperin, Ori Smama, Michael Levi, Netanel Yehuda Halevi, Daniel Melzer

Amir is a soldier in a unit of handicapped soldiers, but dreams of being a combat soldier. When an important guest is set to visit their base, Amir decides to seize the opportunity – even if it means betraying his comrades and his own conscious.


First Prize: Tbilisi Student Film Festival, Georgia, 2021