A comedy about racism in Israeli society. A housewife discovers she has supernatural powers. She becomes famous and runs for the office of Israeli Prime Minister.


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Sima Vaknin Witch
A Film by: Dror Shaul
(Israel, 2003, 98 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Tiki Dayan, Lior Ashkenazi, Sharon Elimelech, Itzik Cohen, Ami Smolartchik)

Sima, 62 and a widow, discovers she has supernatural powers after a curse she puts on her neighbor comes true. She becomes famous overnight as a psychic "witch" and is driven by her greedy and in debt son in law to make as much money as she can with her new discovered powers. As she becomes more rich and famous, her life seems to be falling apart and she is overwhelmed with conflict and the need for love. Sima is about to learn many lessons until she finds love and peace.

Available for the USA and Canada only