Saving Shuli, which stars and was created by the Mah Kashur trio, is a crazy comedy about three friends who go to Colombia to rescue one of their sons, who has been kidnapped by a drug kingpin.


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Saving Shuli

Directed by: Ben Bachar, Screenwriter: Uri Katz

(Israel 2021, 90 mins, Hebrew, Spanish, English subtitles)

Main Cast: Tzion Baruch, Asi Israelof, Shalom Michaelshwilli, Liron Weissman, David Shaul, Avia Malka, Carolina Rodriguez-Naranjo, Pedro Andres-Calvo-Gomez


Avihu, Nati, and Bezalel (“Ma Kashur” trio) go on a courageous rescuing journey that includes a wide range of legal and not-so-legal activities. Desire parties, Organ Trafficking, licking a Psychedelic toad, and having some trouble with the Colombian drug cartel. Will they find Avihu’s son, Shuli? Will they find love? Can you find Jahnun in Colombia? ! The answer to all these questions is: Ahlan, Ahlan, Ahlan!

Saving Shuli sold its millionth ticket within 3 months, smashing decades of box-office records. This is the first time in 40 years that an Israeli movie has sold one million tickets domestically. It is now fourth on the all-time Israeli box-office list; the three top films, Sallah Shabbati, Kazablan and Eskimo Limon are from the 1960s and 1970s.