Get ready to meet Lidoy, Asthma, and Shaked Ferrera - the most popular pop band in Israel. They may not be the smartest or most talented group out there, but they sure know how to party. With fame, fortune, and major celebrities on speed dial, life couldn't be better for these three amigos.


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Over the Top
A film by: The Kibud Channel & Daniel Adar
(Israel 2022, 92 mins, Hebrew, English subtitles)

Main Cast: Omer Ribak, Dor Muskal, Rotem Kapelinsky, Rotem Sela, Eran Zarachovitz


"The Kibud Channel", a popular Israeli pop band consisting of Shaked Ferrera, Asthma DeLoco, and Lidoy, once enjoyed great success in their home country. However, a controversial statement against the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) caused them to become enemies of the state overnight. In an effort to redeem their reputation, the trio joined the public relations band, a military group aimed at increasing the popularity of the IDF, led by Sharona and Yirmi. 

While on tour, tensions between the band members resurface, threatening to tear them apart. Despite having been friends since they were 4 years old, the group splits up. Will they be able to reconcile and regain their friendship? Or will the allure of fame and success drive them further apart? Find out in "Over the Top," the summer's most hilarious and wild film at the box office.