Noah is a deputy company commander on the Gaza Strip border. In two days, he will be released from the IDF. The operational routine is conducted as usual but on the verge of being discharged everything that is routine begins to look uncanny.


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Written and Directed by: Gil Fermon
Fiction, 22min, 2022, Color
Production: The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School - Jerusalem (JSFS)
Language: Hebrew/Arabic with English subtitles
Cast: Noam Carmeli, Julian Kassabri, Ran Kaplan

Squad commander Noah is two days before his discharge. In the meantime, the military routine continues as he and his soldiers patrol the border. Unexpectedly a young Palestinian boy crosses the border fence, is caught and Noah comes face to face with someone who, like himself, just wants to get home.


First Prize for Short Fiction: Tbilisi International Student Film Festival, 2022 

Haifa International Film Festival, 2022