After a black marketer goes missing, three mixed-up shipping containers bring together Arabs, Orthodox Jews, and a gay couple to solve the mixup


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Hummus Full Trailer
Written by Asaf Kobrovsky & Itay Barkan, Directed by: Asaf Kobrovsky
(Israel 2022, 93 mins, Hebrew, English subtitles)

Main Cast: Moni Moshonov, Michael Moshonov, Menashe Noy, Keren Mor, Tzahi Grad, Yaniv Biton, Tamer Nafar, Jalal Masrwa 


Three very different shipping containers are mistakenly mixed up resulting in a scramble to find the correct trailer. JOHNNY SALONIKI, the innocent son of a mafiosa, is pulled into the family business to find the missing trailers before time runs out. 

HUMMUS FULL TRAILER is a colorful and hilarious look at how a couple of Arabs, Gay florists and orthodox Jews discover each other’s secrets all while trying to keep a wedding on track, hitmen away and flowers alive.