17 years old Tomer is moving with his mom to a remote town in the desert where The native teens are all about motocross biking. Nimrod, the town’s alpha male doesn’t welcome any competition, especially when it comes to bikes and the ladies, and “pushes” Tomer to claim his place the hard way with the help of a mysterious aging biker.


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Full Gas
A Film by: Kobi Machat
(Israel 2019, 113 min, Hebrew, English subtitles)

Tomer, 17, moves with his mother to a small village at the edge of the desert. Everyone is preparing for the under-18 Motocross National championship due to take place a month later, with arrogant Nimrod,17, – the village’s alpha male – the clear favorite to win. Tomer’s arrival changes the rules of the game. At first Tomer is harassed by Nimrod and his gang while battling over the heart of beautiful Amalia,17, but soon enough the story hits high octane when Tomer meets Albert, 50, – an aging, lonely Motorcross ex-champion, who hasn’t stepped out of his house for the past 20 years. Meeting by chance, the two become true friends: Tomer peels off Albert’s dark secrets, while Albert becomes Tomer’s bike master – preparing him for the race of his life against Nimrod. Will the ugly duckling shock everyone, including himself, by winning the championship?


  • San Diego International Kids' Film Festival 2020
  • Lucerna Youth and Children Film Festival – (semi finalist) 2020
  • The Poppy Jasper International Film Festival 2020
  • Children Cinema Awards (CCA) 2020
  • China International Children's Film Festival 2020
  • Tel Aviv International Children's Film Festival 2020