A crowded wedding, the groom is waiting, the parents and their guests are waiting, but the bride is missing. Meanwhile, the lonely bride sits in a small coffee place unable to get up and go commit to her choice of heart. As she sits with a beer in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other it is clear that she won’t make it.


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Cold Feet

A Film: by Doron Eran

(Israel, 2009, 75 Minutes, Color,  Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Ron Sachar, Hila Vidor, Tzion Baruch, Hila Eran, Riki Blich)

Based on "Wedding" a best seller by Uri Adelman

The groom, family and friends are waiting in a crowded wedding hall but the bride doesn't show up. A bride is sitting alone in a small café unable to make up her mind. Over coffee, beer and encouraged by the waiters, she reflects on her relationship with the groom-to-be.

The groom takes off in a car and roams the city looking for answers, Like Ulysses in the Odessa, he encounters adventures while looking for his bride. Coincidently, he goes into the café where the bride is sitting by herself.

They click and a surprising mystery is unfolding.

Will they board the first flight to Paris encouraged by the waitress?