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The World is Funny

A Film by: Shemi Zarhin
(Israel, 2012, 127  Minutes, Color, Hebrew,  English subtitles, Cast: Asi Levi, Eli Finish, Danny Shteg, Neama Shitrit, Or Ben Mellech, Moshe Ashkenazi, Ola Shor –Selektar, Yehezkel Lazarov, Shlomi Koriat, Rotem Zisman Cohen)

Shemi Zarhin's 5th film, takes place in his hometown of Tiberias, and transforms it into a land of fairytales. A passionate comic tragedy, this is a film about bereavement, longing and the power of family. 

The World is Funny - Israel's box-office hit of 2012, nominated for a record 15 Israeli academy awards, is a complex allegory on Israeli society, far away from news headlines. 
Aspiring writer Zafi has trouble composing endings to her stories. She uses her housecleaning jobs to find interesting tales. Among the accounts she collects and ties together is the story of estranged siblings:
The oldest sister Yardena is shocked to discover she's pregnant since she hasn’t had sex with anyone in years, least of all her husband who has been sleeping in a different room ever since the tragic death of her daughter in the army.
Meanwhile her brother Meron has to deal with the return of Nessi, Meron's oldest son, who just woke up from a nine year coma following a traumatic accident.
Golan, the youngest brother, is in the midst of his own tragedy - his girlfriend Natasha is dying of cancer. Helpless to do anything about her illness, he set out on a quest to reunite the "Gashashim" comedy trio for a performance, hoping to save her with laughter.
The film is populated by over 50 characters, each trying to be the heroe in his own story, each escaping from despair into the comfort and hope of their imaginations, and each wondering whether their tales are a reflection of reality, or perhaps reality itself is a story being told. 


"Wondrously strange in the tender new dramedy from Israeli fabulist Shemi Zarhin ("Aviva, My Love"). Full of quirky charm, this ambitious, multistrand tale about storytelling -- and a fractured family -- unfolds in a friendly Tiberias, Israel, where reality and fantasy cleverly intertwine." - Alissa Simon, Variety

"Shemi Zarhin's follow-up to the hugely successful Aviva My Love is his best film to date, returning to his hometown of Tiberias, here transformed into a city of dreams and fables. It's a funny, moving and sexy masterpiece that deals with the redeeming power of stories. This brilliantly written film is superbly shot by DP Yaron Sharf ("Footnote"), and, in this reviewer's eyes, is the best Israeli film of 2012." - Yair Raveh, Cinemascope.co.il


• Nominated for a record breaking 15 Israeli Ophir Awards 2012
 Cinema South - Closing film
 Chicago International Film Festival - in competition
 Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival 2013
 Atlanta JFF 2013
 Tampa FL JFF 2013
 Northern Virginia JFF 2013
 New Jersey JFF 2013 - Opening Film
 Toronto JFF 2013
 Minneapolis JFF 2013 - Closing Film
 Denver JFF 2013
 Philadelphia Israeli FF 2013 - Opening Film
 Broward County JFF 2013 - Opening Film
 Spokane JFF 2013 - Closing Film
 Montreal Israeli FF 2013
 Tampa Bay JFF 2013
 Edmonton JFF 2013
 Paris Israeli FF 2013
 Oklahoma City MOA 2013
 JewishFilm (National Center Brandeis) 2013
 Silicone Valley JFF 2013
 Chattanooga JFF 2013
 Ottawa Israeli FF 2013
 Israel Film Center NYC Israeli FF 2013 - Opening Film
 Zagreb JFF 2013
 Winnipeg JFF 2013
 Filmisrael - Amsterdam Israeli FF 2013
 Portland JFF 2013
 Brazil Israeli FF 2013
 Shalom Europa FF - Strasbourg 2013
 Albuquerque International FF 2013
 Falmouth Jewish Congregation
 Avalon Theatre, Washington DC
 Singapore Israeli FF 2013
 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 2013
 Houston JFF 2013
 Caracas JFF 2013
 Budapest JFF 2013
 Richmond VA JFF 2013 
 Cleveland JFF 2013
 Sonoma County JFF 2013
 Alper JCC, Miami FL 2013
 Hong Kong JFF 2013
 Columbus OH JFF 2013
 Bucharest JFF 2013
 The Russian American Cultural Center NYC 2013
 Palm Beach JFF 2014
 Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island 2014
 Greater Phoenix JFF 2014
 Detroit JFF 2014
 Villanova University 2014
 Jacksonville JFF 2014
 JW3 London 2015



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