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Shooting Life

A Film by: David Kreiner
(Israel, 2018, 84 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Mickey Leon, Noa Astenjelove, Matan Lax, Evelin Hagoel).

Sderot. The area is tense with a feeling of imminent danger and the locals pay the price. 
Igal Gazit, an unemployed film director from Tel Aviv, moves to Sderot and takes up
a teaching job at the high school, leaving his daughter Maya behind with his ex-wife.

Igal’s first meeting with his new students doesn’t go well. The students, sensing that
he is patronizing them, make fun of the ‘enlightenment’ he brings from Tel Aviv. However, Igal promises Amalia, the principal, that all the kids will pass the State Film Exams. The road to fulfilling that promise is one that the students will never forget.


*  Vienna Jewish Film Club 2018
*  Boca Raton JFF 2019
*  Festival  of Tolerance in Ljubljiana 2019
•  East Bay JFF 2019
•  YESH Zurich 2019
•  Atlanta JFF 2019
•  SERET UK FF 2019
•  Washington JFF 2019
* Montreal JFF 2019
• Greater Phoenix JFF 2020
•  NJ Celebration Of Israeli Film 2019
•  Brooklyn Israeli FF 2020
•  Greater Phoenix JFF 2020
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