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Kicking Out Shoshana

A Film by: Shay Kanot
(Israel, 2014, 100 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Oshri cohen
Gal Gadot, Eli Finish, Mariano Idelman, Yossi Marshak)

Ami Shoshan is the star of the "Sons of Jerusalem" football club, a team known for its violent, racist and homophobic fans.

One unfortunate evening Shoshan flirts with a beautiful woman not knowing that she is the mistress of a local Mafia boss, “Blackie” Bokovza. 

The punishment for this offence is that Ami must summon a press conference and announce that he is gay.

Shoshan's declaration is met with a huge public uproar and he finds himself hunted by fans, by his teammates and by the press.

Much to his surprise he becomes the symbol of Jerusalem’s LGBT community and his shrewd agent, Dede, tries to make the best of it.  


• Embassy of Israel in Zagreb 2014
• San Diego JFF 2015
• Taiwan Women Film Association 2015
• Cherry Hill Volvo JFF 2015
•  Hartford JFF 2016 
•  Sid Jacobson JFF 2015
•  Israeli FF in Rome 2015
•  Mississippi JFF 2016  
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