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Half a Ton of Bronze

A Film by: Yiftach Chozev
(Israel, 2010, 60 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian with English Subtitles, Cast: Shlomo Bar Aba, Michael Hanegbi, Noa Wolman, Kobi Marciano, Gasan Abbas, Loai Noufi)
Since 1938, the bronze equestrian statue of Alexander Zaid, a legendary Zionist pioneer who founded the Hashomer defense organization, stood guard proudly in Beit Shearim National Park in Israel. In 2007 the statue disappeared. 
The comedy, inspired by that incident, depicts the efforts of Zaid's grandson to recover the statue after it was stolen by Israeli Arabs and later sold to a sleazy scrap-metal dealer.
Non-stop laughter!
Alexander Zaid's statue is visited today less for its heritage and more for being an excellent location for the neighborhood teenagers to make-out. But for a certain Israeli-Palestinian family the Zionist hero riding his proud stallion is still worth a whole lot more than 2000 dollars in pure bronze.
The statue travels from one greedy hand to another, while Alec Zaid steps out of his grandfather's shadow to become a hero, a pathetic one but a hero nonetheless. As father and son fight to retrieve the statue, they soon enough find themselves deep in trouble.
"Half a Ton of Bronze" is a mixture of a Middle-Eastern western and a cynical comedy about a world in which values are sold by the pound."

• Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival
 Zagreb Jewish Film Festival
 Athens Georgia Jewish Film Festival
 Louisville Jewish Film Festival
 New Jersey Jewish Film Festival
 Sid Jacobson JCC, East Hills, NY
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