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A Matter of Size

A Film by: Sharon Maymon & Erez Tadmor
(Israel, 2009, 92 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Itzik Cohen, Dvir Bandak, Alon Dahan, Shmuli Cohen, Irit Kaplan, Levana Finkelstein)

Four overweight friends from the Israeli city of Ramle, are fed up with dieting and with the diet club they frequent.

When Herzel (155 kilos) loses his job as a cook and starts working as a dishwasher in a Japanese restaurant, he discovers the world of Sumo wrestling where large people, such as himself, are honored and appreciated.

Under the influence of Kitano (60 kilos), the restaurant owner and a former Sumo coach (who is hiding from the Yakuza in Israel), Herzel falls in love with this sport involving "two fatsos in diapers and girly hairdos". Herzl wants Kitano to be their coach but Kitano is reluctant - they first have to earn their spurs.

A Matter of Size is a comedy about a ‘coming out’ of a different kind - overweight people learning to accept themselves.

“The sum of the picture, as you can imagine from its parts, is pretty hilarious. Instead of tired fat jokes, the dialogue is witty and real. The audience responded, where appropriate, with lots of laughterYou feel for the characters, who overcome personal adversity, fall in love and, yes, play sumo.” - MTV Movies Blog, Rachel Josue

"Part sports drama, part love story, this sweetly absurd tale of forlorn blue-collar guys pursuing a difficult goal -- and in the process learning to accept themselves -- recalls audience-pleasing fare such as "The Full Monty." With visual and verbal humor hitting the mark.” - Variety, Alissa Simon

“..as an examination of the complex issues surrounding body image and masculinity, it is a refreshing change from the silence or utter derision with which American films treat this subject" - The Jewish Week, George Robinson


• Tribecca Film Festival - Nominated in the “Discovery” section
 Karlovy Vary Film Festival – Audience Award
 Israeli Film Academy – Nominated for 13 Ophir awards (Israeli Oscar) - Won 3 awards:
Best Actress, Best supporting Actress, Best Costume Design
 Jerusalem Film Festival – opening film 
 Traverse City Film Festival – Jury Prize for Best Comedy Film
 Sarlat IFF – Prix Aquitaine, Pric Découverte       
 UKJFF - Award for Best Feature Film
 Alpe d'Huez International Comedy Film Festival - Grand Prix, Special Jury Award
 Hong Kong JFF - Audience Award for Best Film 
 Toronto International Film Festival 2011 
 Festival of JF Melbourne/Sidney - opening Film
 San Francisco JFF       
 Warsaw FF
 Melbourne FF
 Washington JFF
• Manila Israeli FF
• Dublin Israeli FF
 Embassy of Israel in Dublin
 Embassy of Israel in Manila
 Pitligiani Kolno'a Festival in Rome
 FICJA - Buenos Aires JFF 2013
• 14th Lecce EFF 2013
• Israeli Embassy in Singapore 2014
• National University Singapore 2014
• Milano PKF 2014
• Israeli Embassy in Tashkent 2014
• UKJFF 2014
• Florence JFF 2014
• Embassy of Israel in Bangkok 2014
• Embassy of Israel in Manila 2014
• Embassy of Israel in Ghana 2014

• Embassy of Israel in Hanoi 2017
* Imagine Festival, Baku 2019
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