The Other Story

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New Release

A willful young woman suddenly decides to marry a member of Jerusalem’s insular orthodox community. Her divorced secular parents and grandfather connive a plot to thwart the upcoming nuptial, with unforeseen results.


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The Other Story

A Film by: Avi Nesher

(Israel, 2018, 112 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Sasson Gabai, Joy Rieger, Yuval Segal,               Maya Dagan, Nathan Goshen, Avigail Harari, Maayan Bloom 

The latest from veteran Israeli director Avi Nesher is an intricate web of desperate parents, rebellious children, and spouses locked in conflict. Having long ago resettled in the US, Yonatan returns to Israel   at the behest of his elderly father, Shlomo, an avowed atheist. Shlomo is determined to stop Yonatan’s newly religious daughter, Anat, from marrying Shahar, a popular singer who has recently swapped his infamously libertine persona for that of a devoted Hasid. Meanwhile, Shlomo enlists the help of both Yonatan and Anat in a challenging case at his marriage-counselling practice, in which two parents are fighting ferociously for custody of their child. As the case becomes more complex, the paths of both these troubled families begin to tangle in unexpected ways.

*  The film is not offered to North America


 Haifa IFF 2018 - Opening Film

 Toronto International Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection

 Israel FF LA 2018 - Opening Film

•  PKF Italy 2018

•  Zagreb JFF 2018

•  Miami JFF 2019

•  UK JFF - Geneva 2019

•  Vienna Jewish Film Club 2019

•  SERET Festival - UK 2019

•  SERET Festival - Berlin 2019

•  Nice Israeli FF 2019

•  Festival of Tolerance Ljubljana 2019

•  Milano JFF 2019

•  Shalom Europa 2019

•  Vienna JFF 2019

•  Cinema de Mercury de Nice 2019

•  Sao Paulo JFF 2019

• Rio de Janeiro JFF 2019

• Kolnoah Prague 2019

•  Israeli Embassy Singapore 2019

•  Monterrey IFF 2019

•  Cinema le Mercury Nice 2019

•  Belgrade Israeli Embassy 2019

•  Moscow Israeli FF 2019

•  Seret Amsterdam FF 2019

•  Kino Achteinhalb, Germany 2019

•  UK JFF 2019

•  Bergamo, Italy 2019

•  Nancy JFF 2019

•  St. Petersburg Israeli Consulate 2020

•  Mexico Israeli FF 2020

•  Copenhagen JFF 2020