Three stories about three women: one is trying to find the right guy; one is trying to get a divorce from her runaway husband and takes a hostage in her attempt; and one turns Tel Aviv upside down in order to save a kitten trapped in a storm drain.


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Tel-Aviv Stories
A Film by: Ayelet Menahemi & Nirit Yaron
(Israel, 1992, 108 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Yael Abecassis, Anat Waxman, Sharon Alexander, Sasson Gabai, Uri Gavriel)

The film tells three short stories, each roughly 35 minutes long and each centered on the escapades of an independent woman dealing with relationship problems in her own special way.

In the chapter entitled Sharona, Honey, the incredibly beautiful Yael Abecassis, plays a photo assistant juggling her career and her men. A wannabe player, she’s mostly successful at winning the guys, getting them addicted to her, then breaking their hearts by failing to commit to a more serious relationship. All things come back on her, though, as the men converge on her, in search of her non-existent heart. Without giving anything away, it’s only appropriate the final shot of this episode is of Sharona riding on the back of a garbage truck.

Next up is Operation Cat, a silly story about Sofie, the typical cute, but nerdy, journalist girl hiding behind oversized glasses. She’s distraught over her cheating husband, but more importantly, she’s obsessed with rescuing a kitty cat trapped in a sewer.

Finally, Divorce tells the tale of Tiki, a Hell-bent policewoman in search of a divorce. A good cop gone comically psycho, she takes an unlikely assemblage of characters hostage in her quest for romantic liberation.

• San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2008
• UK Jewish Film Festival 2009
• North Miami Beach Jewish Film Festival 2009
• Israeli Consulate in Marseilles 2009
• Cinaviv - Berlin Israeli FF 2009
• Rome Israeli Film Festival 2009
• Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival 2009
• Forum des Images, Paris 2009