This Israeli comedy affectionately follows an aging hippie as he goes about the business of day-to-day living. Beach-goers near Tel Aviv have many needs, and the hippie (Uri Zohar) serves as many of them as he can: cokes, chairs and boats being the main items of business.


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Peeping Toms
A Film by Uri Zohar
(Israel, 1972, 90 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Arik Einstein ,Uri Zohar, Sima Eliyahu, Mona Silberstein, Tzvi Shissel, Mordechai Arnon)

This film is much more than just a beach movie; it depicts the struggle of individuals who are not ready to change and grow up. Gute (Uri Zohar) is an aging lifeguard, responsible for the Tel Aviv beach. With a few other eccentric characters, including his best friend Eli, he lives his life with no great goals or meaning. Pretty soon, he’ll get slapped by his superior, rejected by a beach hussy, and ridiculed by a couple of teenagers and a beloved whore. Only then will he understand that the world is moving on, with or without him. 

Available for the USA and Canada only