Anna is an 8 year old refugee who arrived in Israel with her older brother. They have lost their father in the war and their mother is missing. Lost and confused, they land in a refugee camp. Ana makes up an imaginary world that helps her cope with the "new land".


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New Land
A Film by Orna Ben Dor
(Israel, 1994, 107 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Ania Bukstein, Michael Pelman, Eti Ankri, Shuli Rand, Rami Dannon)

Anna, 8 years old, and her older brother Jan, travel from war ravaged Europe to Israel after WW II.
Their only possessions are Anna's soiled teddy bear and a tattered photo of their lost mother.
As Anna wanders the refugee camp searching for her mother, who she hopes also escaped the       Nazis, she meets all sorts of characters with painful and colorful stories of their own.

• Montpelier Mediterranean Film Festival - Audience Favorite
• Ragazzi Bellinzona - Special Mention Prize
• Valencia International Film Festival
• Shanghai International Film Festival
• Gijon International Film Festival
• Torino International Film Festival
• Annonay International Film Festival