In this delightful Israeli comedy, Adi Levi - the perfect father, husband, and son - thinks he may not have long to live so he decides, finally, to start enjoying himself. The problem is that he doesn't know how. A chance encounter with Natalya - a stunning, free-spirited dogwalker - soon turns into a crash course on how to live life to the full, and fall in love. This charming and funny romcom will make you look at life anew.


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Mr. Predictable

A Film by: Roee Florentin
(Israel, 2016, 91 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Amos Tamam, Maital Gal- Suissa, Mali Levi Gershon).

When Adi was 5 years old, his father died in the war in Lebanon. Before he was called by the army he made him swear he will be a good boy, help his mother and be responsible Before leaving home the father made the son swear he would be a good boy, help his mother and be responsible.  Adi kept his promise: he helped more than enough at home, at kindergarten, at school, in the military, in his marriage – he became the most thoughtful man you can imagine. Or to put it in other words – Adi became a "sucker" who was exploited by his mother, his wife, his son, his boss and nearly everyone he ever met.

Things change radically on the day Adi meets Natalia – a sweet, young, wild girl who entices Adi into a life full of emotions, of passion and romance. Now Adi has to choose between love and reason, between dreams and reality, between Natalia and his family.

Will he go on being a good boy?  Or will he, for the first time in his life, be brave enough to be what he really wants to be?

•  Silicon Valley JFF 2016
• Miami JFF 2016
•  Montreal Israeli FF 2017
• AICE Australia 2016
• Kansas City JFF 2016
• Broward County JFF 2016
• Hartford JFF 2016
• UK JFF 2016
• San Diego JFF 2017
• South West Florida JFF 2017
• Zagreb JFF 2016
• Palm Beach JFF 2017
• LA Israeli FF 2018
• Cincinnati JFF 2017
• Philadelphia Israeli FF 2017
• Houston JFF 2017
• Cherry Hill JFF 2017
• Washington JFF 2017
• YESH Zurich JFF 2017
• Washington JFF 2017
• Baltimore JFF 2017
• Tampa Bay JFF 2017
• Pittsburgh JFF 2017
• Montreal Israeli FF 2017
• San Francisco JFF 2017
• Rochester JFF 2017
• Chicago Festival for Israeli Cinema 2017
• Detroit JFF 2018
• Sarasota JFF 2018
• Chautauqua Institute, NY 2018
• Bender JCC 2018
* Congregation Beth El, MD 2019
* Orange County JFF 2019