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When Moti Bernstein, an Ashkenazi from a "good family", handsome and smart, reaches the right age, he begins to hear that he is the ultimate match. However, Moti wants the one he can never have. The JFF delight of 2023.


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Written by: Erez Tadmor, Hava Divon & Yaki Reisner. Directed by: Erez Tadmor
(Israel 2022, 98 mins, Hebrew, English subtitles)

Main Cast: Maor Schwitzer, Liana Ayun, Amit Rahav, Irit Kaplan, Adi Biti, Guy Loel,  Roy Assaf, Raymonde Amsallem 


Moti Bernstein is the son every mother wants, a student every Rabbi loves to teach, the ideal Yeshiva Bucher, the perfect match for every bride. He has it all: a good family, a brilliant mind, and he is not bad looking either.

In search of a wife, he will meet the best girls in the Jewish orthodox world but will fall for the one girl he can never have. The only one he wants. Against everything he knows and every value he holds dear, Moti will be forced to go out on a limb in the most unexpected and unusual of ways.

Who will win? The system or the inner voice?