Set in 1980, Lost Islands is a comical autobiography that follows an Israeli family of five children.


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Lost Islands

A Film by Reshef Levy
(Israel, 2008, 103 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Michael Moshonov, Oshri Cohen,      Yuval Sharf, Shmil Ben-Ari and Ofer Shechter)

Set in 1980, Lost Islands is a comical autobiography that follows an Israeli family of five children. Erez, one of the twins, sabotages the father’s car and is then involved in a car accident that leaves the father a cripple. Erez then attempts to escape a variety of things – his affection for a girl, his twin brother and nursing his father. He enrolls in the army and undergoes terrible events that force him to mature and finally understand that there is no escape from the decision: whether to pursue your dreams or keep allegiance to your family.

• Israeli Academy Awards - Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Costume Design, Best Music
• Rome International Film Festival
• Monte-Carlo Film Festival de la Comédie
• Santa Barbara International Film Festival
• NJ Israeli Film Series
• Philadelphia Israeli Film Festival
• Pittsburgh Jewish Israeli Film Festival
• Cherry Hill Jewish Film Festival
• The National Center for Jewish Film
• Toronto Jewish Film Festival
• Dallas Jewish Film Festival
• Film IsReal, Netherlands
• Israeli Film Festival Brazil
• European Film Festival Palic
• San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
• São Paulo Jewish Film Festival
• Rio Jewish Film Festival
• Australia Israel Cultural Exchange
• Zurich Film Festival
• The JCC in Manhattan
• Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema
• Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival
• Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival
• Washington Jewish Film Festival
• Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
• Denver Jewish Film Festival
• Zagreb Jewish Film Festival
• San Antonio Jewish Film Festival
• Athens Jewish Film Festival
• JCC Greater Vancouver
• North Miami Beach JCC
• Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival
• Winnipeg Jewish Film Festival
• Central Florida Jewish Film Festival
• North Virginia Jewish Film Festival
• CINEMAVIV 2 - Israeli Film Festival Berlin
• Adat Shalom Re constructionist Congregation
• Austin JFF
• Baltimore JFF
• Budapest JFF
• Delaware Jewish Fed
• Detroit JFF
• Colombia Israeli FF
• Houston JCC
• Israeli consulate Mumbai
• Israeli Embassy in Riga, Latvia
• Israeli Embassy, Nairobi
• JCC of Staten Island
• Louisville KY JFF
• Mexico JFF
• Moscow Israeli FF
• Oakton College
• Panama Israeli FF
• Quito Israeli FF
• Singapore Israeli FF
• St. Louis JFF
• Fairfield County CT
• Wellington Israeli FF
• Budapest Israeli FF
• Embassy of Israel in Abidjan 2014

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