Two Maroccon organized crime families suffer the tragedies of their respective lives.


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A Film by: Haim Bouzaglo 

(Israel, 2010, 110 Minutes, Color, DVD, Hebrew)

The two Moroccan 'families' – the Bardugos and the Marcianos – are well known in the Israeli crime world. A dispute between Leon Marciano (Ze'ev Revach) and Amos Bardugo (Amos Lavi) concerning    an eastern European casino leads to a bloody tragedy. When Sasi, Leon's son gets involved in a drug deal there are fatal consequences for both sides. 

Only the initiative of Miro Marciano, an Israeli army officer, and Gabi Bardugo, a respected lawyer, provides a solution to this long lasting rivalry and offers the hope of true respect between the two families.