Nominated for 9 Israeli Oscars (Ophir Awards) including Best Film 2012 Winner of 4 Israeli Oscars 2012


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A Film by: Dror Sabo
(Israel, 2012, 99 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Yossi Polak, Yehoram Gaon, Noa Barkai, Miriam Gavrieli, Oz Zehavi, Michael Moshonov, Tali Rubin, Adva Bolle and Tirza Ariel)

This is the story of two veterans of the war of independence, who decide to embark on a lethal murderous journey against the young disrespectful generation across the hedonistic streets of Tel Aviv.

 Ephraim and Moshka come every day for the past 60 years to the same coffee shop. This is their mundane routine. They feel lifeless. Like fish in an aquarium they gaze through the glass window, watching those they were once willing to die for, spit in their faces. Beautiful, young and perky, the young adults of the decadent Tel Aviv pass by the café window, without giving the two old men the slightest of glance. As if they were transparent, as if they did not exist. The pain on what’s become of the revolutionists begins to take its toll.

 Everything changes when an old lady is run over by a car, in front of the café, because she could not cross the road fast enough. The victim is Tamara, the long lost love of both Ephraim and Moshka. Ephraim is devastated and out for blood.

His mind is set to teach the young generation a lesson and take the country back to the days when solidarity, values and ideals were all that mattered. Soon enough, Ephraim drags Moshka on his brutal venture. Old rivalries and tensions between them come to surface as well as a big secret, which threatens their long friendship and puts it to the test. 


 • Toronto International Film Festival 2012 (Official Selection)

• FEST - Belgrad International Film Festival 2013 

• HKIFF – Hong Kong International Film Festival 2013

• Palm Springs International Film Festival 2013

• Boca Raton JFF, FL 2013

• Denver JFF 2013

• UKJFF 2013

• Palm Beach Israeli Film Series 2013

• Savannah JFF 2013

• AICE - Australia 2013

• Cinncinati JFF 2014

• Weschester JFF 2014


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