What happened to the worn sofa we discarded after our visit to Ikea? What became of the kitchen dishes we left by the dumpster? Cast-Offs depicts the journey of discarded items from the heart of consumerist Israel to the periphery and the Palestinian Authority, where they come back to life.


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A Film by: Vered Yeruham & Oren Reich
(Israel, 2016, 52 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, Arabic, English subtitles).

Every day, thousands of appliances, toys and pieces of furniture are left
on Israel’s streets— the debris of an obsessively consumerist society.
Cast Offs tells the story of the junk collectors from both sides of the border,
Israelis and Palestinians, who salvage these items and sell them to the people
who can't afford the “real thing”.

Through the tales of people who live off the collection, repair and resale of
these objects we discover the fierce competition for Israel’s discards and the
little-known journey of items dumped in Israel and given new life across the border.

  Haifa IFF - 2016
• Boulder JFF 2018