Black Jack is the coming-of-age story of Jacky, a young, frivolous adventurer, searching for an identity and thirsty for love.


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Black Jack

A Film by: Matti Harari & Arik Lubetzky

(Israel, 2005, 80 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Gadi Saban, Uri Gavriel, Orel Timsit,   Gabi Dan, Carmel Chir)

One evening, Jacky loses all his money in a game of Black Jack and finds himself in debt to the tough gangster who owns the casino. Sophie, a beautiful dealer working in the casino, suggests that they     rob the big boss. Jackie lights up to the idea and adds his friend Reuben to the party.

Tensions evolve among the three partners during the planning of the heist. The dominant Reuben     does not get along with Sophie, while Jacky unsuccessfully courts her. At the moment of truth,       Jacky takes matters into his own hands and shows his partners the mettle he is made of.