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A Film by: Sophie Artus 
(Israel, 2014, 85 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Naveh Tzur, Joy Rieger,
Roy Nik, Maor Schwitzer)
In Migdal HaEmek, an isolated town in the north of Israel, we find three 17 years
olds:  Josh, who is disturbed and very aggressive but likes to be with his little dog;
Linoy who wants to be a famous actress but gets no support for her dreams; and
David, the new kid in town who surrounds himself with books and music and
blames his father for his mother’s death.

The three adolescents, forced to deal with violence at home and at school, live
in a world of cruelty and beauty where the desire to kill or to die and the
will to live, define their fates. 

•  Haifa Film Festival 2014 – Winner Best First Film, Actor Award
• Tallinn Black Night Film Festival 2014 – Main Competition
The Paris Israeli Film Festival 2015 Winner of the Audience Award
• San Diego JFF 2015
• UK JFF 2015
• Toronto JFF 2015
•  Theatre National de Bretagne 2018

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